Benefits of Going Solar in New Orleans

The use of solar panels has been commonly used in residences in New Orleans. Solar panel companies have been booming in New Orleans and more residences have been availing solar panel systems for their homes. Having solar energy as a source of power is really far better than using sources that originate from fossil fuels. It can give homeowners several advantages.

Reduction of Electricity Bills 

Monthly electricity bills have always been a concern to residents, especially if it keeps going up. But people shifting to solar energy usage have been ripping the benefit of low electricity bills. Bills are lower when using solar energy since owners can regulate their usage because of the solar panel system they have. Solar energy collected from the panels during day time is stored in the battery connected to it. This energy stored can then be used during the night to power up the household. This cycle of energy is the key to controlling solar power at home.

Eco Friendly

Caring for the environment is often the reason why people use solar energy. New Orleans residences are concerned about improving the condition of their environment, that’s why they are shifting to solar energy usage. Solar energy is renewable energy which means it doesn’t emit toxic chemicals when used. Knowing that you are contributing to clearing the air against air pollution by using solar energy can make you a better citizen.

Abundant Energy Source

The solar panel system is powered up by the sun. Therefore, you will never run out of energy. Chances of jacking up the price of this source will also be less possible since scarcity will not be a concern. Unlike prices of other sources of electricity that goes up and down due to its supply and demand.

Increase your Property Value

Buy and sell of properties are common especially if one decides to get a bigger space or simply relocating. Instead of pulling out your solar panel systems and moving them out with you. It will be an advantage if you will just include it with your house and lot package. In New Orleans, homes with solar panel systems can have an appreciation value of up to $15,000 additional to their property price.

Counted as Investment 

Apart from appreciating your home value, getting a residential solar panel installation can help you save money since you don’t have to pay high electricity bills. With all the money you save from this, you  won’t notice that in 8 years the money you spent on your solar installation has already been returned. Return of investment ranges from 5 to 8 years depending on how much you spend on your residential solar installation. Installation varies on different factors.

Factors to Consider Before Getting Solar Panel System for Your Home

Size of Solar Panel System 

Each home varies in size, therefore the bigger your home the more solar panels will be needed. Knowing how many panels your home needs is important even before starting your solar installation. Make sure the solar panel installed can power up your whole home to be able to maximize the usage of it. Measurement of how much energy your home needs is also relevant. Professional solar technicians can assist you in determining this data so you can get an accurate estimation.


Places with sunny weather get more solar energy stored. Since New Orleans has more sunny weather all year round then it will be a perfect place to have a solar panel system. However, since solar panels are commonly placed on roofs, make sure that your roof is open and has no obstruction from the sun. Like trees for example, if it shades most parts of your roof, then it’s time to take that tree down.

With all these Benefits of going solar in New Orleans, I doubt if homeowners wouldn’t still consider having one for their homes. More and more residents are now shifting their energy source to solar energy not just because of all the benefits they can reap but also as a way to support the world’s advocacy in the recovery of nature. Utilizing this kind of energy will help the world heal by being able to breathe due to lesser air pollution.