Why your diet should be based on chicken and turkey for fitness 

5 Surprising Health Benefits of Turkey | Muscle & Fitness

Chicken and turkey are healthy staples, containing lots of nutrients as opposed to red meat. They are rich in proteins, necessary for the growth and development of cells. There are also healthy alternatives to chicken such as protein supplements like the ones offered by Naked Nutrition. You should read the honest customers reviews dropped for the company on US-Reviews for best experience.


Health benefits of turkey

Turkey is highly proteinous which is no shocker, but they are especially rich in amino acid that aids the production of sleep-promoting melatonin and serotonin, called L-tryptophan. However, the skin is highly fatty containing about 35 calories per 3.5 ounces of turkey. Turkey’s fat is low saturated when the skin is removed. The high protein content of turkey helps to regulate the level of insulin in the body and fights fatigue. It also contains large amounts of vitamin B which stimulates the recovery of muscles and aids in cell repair. Turkey is rich in zinc and vitamin niacin that helps in the prevention of cataracts. Turkey also contains a large amount of a mineral, ’selenium’ which acts as a strong antioxidant for the health of your heart and thyroid, as well strengthen your immune system. You could purchase the supplement alternatives from online platforms like Lucky vitamins.


Health benefits of chicken

Chicken is not just healthy, it’s delicious too. It is packed with vital nutrients like proteins, minerals, vitamins, and healthy fats required by your body. Chicken is also a great source of the amino acid ‘tryptophan’ as well as minerals and vitamins. Chicken offers vital A, vitamin B, vitamin D, proteins, and minerals like iron and phosphorus. Another awesome thing about chicken is its versatility as it can be prepared in a number of ways from roasting to grilling to boiling and baking. Frying is a less healthy method of preparation. Although chicken contains numerous desired nutrients, people suffering from kidney troubles, dyslipidemia, and chronic heart conditions should resist the consumption of chicken


How chicken and turkey impacts fitness

They contain tryptophan, which is responsible for the production of serotonin in the body, Serotonin is the hormone that makes you ’ feel good’. Both chicken and turkey are rich in Choline and Cobalamine which aids cognitive actions as well as the function of the nervous system in adults, it also helps in the development of the brain in children. The breasts of both chicken and turkey are sources of rich dietary protein, that are involved in the growth of muscles. A diet containing 30 grams of these proteins in every meal enhances the growth of muscles. Chicken and turkey also enhance the health of bones as they contain vitamin D and also help in the regulation of calcium in the body. High protein foods can help in maintaining your weight and blood sugar, as the proteins contained in these foods are easily used up by the body. They are healthy, low in cholesterol and fat, and contain essential minerals and vitamins.

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