Enjoying the Music of Menorca

Oftentimes when you book a trip abroad to explore the musical side of a place, you look outside of the islands in the Mediterranean. But in actuality, you don’t really need to look further than Menorca! Villa rentals on the island are a perfect way to spend a holiday that combines some great music and festivals with history, delicious cuisine and the sea and surf.
The smaller of the Balearic Islands it has more beaches than Ibiza and Majorca combined, but it also offers so much more than just sun and sand. Musical life on the island is varied and interesting and comes into its own during the summer months. The International Opera Weeks, the Mahon Music Festival and the Menorcan Jazz Festival all come together to create a summer of music that will add an extra element of culture to your visit.
Opera Weeks
No matter which part of the island you want to call home while you are in Menorca, villa rentals are available to give you access to the events of the International Opera Week. The International Opera Week is held in Mahon in the Principal Theatre, which is the oldest opera theatre in all of Spain, dating back to 1829. With such a rich heritage of opera on the island, the theatre puts on a celebration twice a year called the International Opera Weeks. These celebrations take place in June and December of each year and last for two weeks, during which there are three performances per week.
The Mahon Music Festival
If you find yourself on Menorca, villas in hoskote accommodation will give you the freedom of choice to go into the cities and then leave to go back to the peace of your own little slice of heaven. And, if you arrive during the month of August, you will definitely want to be heading into and out of the capital city for the Mahon Music Festival (MMF). Much like the International Opera Weeks, the Mahon Music Festival is chiefly held in the Principal Theatre. But, unlike the International Opera Weeks, the MMF is a varied programme of classical music concerts. The MMF provides shows by internationally renowned artists across an array of set ups, from choral performances to those by a full or partial orchestra; the MMF is one not to miss!
Menorcan Jazz Festival
If you have spent a fair amount of time near the eastern end of Menorca, villa locations towards the centre might suit better as the Jazz Festival arrives during April and May. The festival is organised by Jazz Obert and runs for six weeks, during which jazz musicians from around the world are invited to perform at events all over the island. The concerts range from formal events at theatres in the major cities, all the way down to impromptu street performances in front of cafes and in squares. And, if you are near San Clement on a Tuesday night, pop in for the house jazz band, which, during these six weeks, is usually accompanied by a special guest performer.

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