White studio apartment with grey walls and lavender details

White studio apartment with grey walls and lavender details

A white studio apartment with light grey walls and lavender interior decor

This white studio apartment with light grey walls has lavender decor pieces and textiles as the red thread throughout the interior design. The white floor makes the studio apartment seem more spacious as it reflects the daylight coming from the big windows. By selecting a white sofa (it’s the Ikea Soderhamn) and a white fluffy area rug, the perfect white base is set for other elements like the small wooden coffee table, the wooden lounge chair, and the desk. These natural elements warm up this palette with cool undertones and the lavender room decor adds a point of interest to the space.

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Lavender interior details in every corner

From the lavender duvet cover* to the throw on the sofa, the lampshade, and even the flowers, this apartment is filled with lavender interior design pieces that make the decor interesting and characterful. Even the wall art has some lavender elements in it. I

n the kitchen, which has been decorated in white and natural colors, a vintage chair that has been painted in lavender ties the look together with the living and bedroom area.

I think the lavender bedroom decor looks so delicate and inviting next to the living area with mainly white and neutral elements. The white area rug is used for extra coziness, but it also serves as a visual separator between the bedroom and sofa area.

Styled by Studio In AB photographed by Mariah Sahlander for Bjurfors

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