How to Make Your Colonial-Style Home in Kentucky Look Even Better with Steel Doors 


Kentucky has some of the most stunning colonial-style architecture that gives it that old-school charm and romance. It’s one of the most gorgeous states to build a home in and settle into with your family. 

And what could make it even better? Steel doors made for Kentucky homes! 

With cutting-edge styles and creative designs, Pinky’s Iron Doors has some of the most well-designed steel doors for Kentucky homeowners and their colonial-era properties, giving them the option to both retain their historic charm or add a more contemporary twist. 

Here are some of the best ways to use steel doors more creatively around your home:

Add French doors for a more historical touch 

Since Kentucky was first colonized by the French, it comes as no surprise that the state has so much architecture inspired by French styles. Wooden structures, large windows,  dreamy porches, chimneys, and other classic markings. Of course, it’s not the same as other french colonies like New Orleans, since Kentucky also saw a lot of Spanish influence.

Either way, nothing tops the addition of some stunning French steel doors in Kentucky, giving your home a dreamy, romantic feel. French doors work for giving your home a dreamy, old-school look while making them look incredibly stylish. They’re perfect for interior or patio doors and even for balconies and side entrances. Some people may use them as front entryway doors, but that comes down to your own preferences.  


Upgrade your windows and entrance doors

Swap out your existing window frames and front entryway with some gorgeous steel windows and doors in Kentucky. Your home will instantly look a lot more put together while also significantly more in line with its historical imagery. It’s perfect for people who want to restore their colonial home to its original glory.

Doors and windows also frame your home’s structure and are quite noticeable from the get-go. They’re immediately noticeable and help boost your home’s curb appeal significantly, making them the perfect add-on to any space. You can pick out styles that are more classic or choose something more contemporary and modern for a certain upgrade or change. It’s a great way to boost curb appeal and give your home a wonderful facelift. 

Add a grander patio door for more romance 

Patios are another popular feature in many old homes, making them the perfect spot to decorate and do up. A patio door is a perfect way to add some oomph without distracting from the original beauty and style. 

There are several styles to choose from as well, from steel sliding doors to subtler and more spacious pocket doors or the classic French patio door. There’s nothing quite as spectacular as a well-designed patio door, and you’ll get to enjoy your home a lot more with it. Alternatively, you can also install steel doors in Kentucky as additional entrances and open them in your home for more light and warmth.

Get gorgeous luxury doors for your interiors 

Speaking of opening up your home, steel doors in Kentucky are also perfect for your interiors. They’re the most wonderful addition to make to your spaces, given how well-designed they are. With an incredible range of styles and designs that give your home a beautiful look, steel interior doors are also easy to maintain. 

You don’t want to deal with the hassle of having to clean and look after them as much as you do with other features in your home, after all. It’s all about balance. 

Invest in colonial-style accessories and lighting

The easiest way to maintain the original aesthetic and visuals of your colonial home is by ensuring that all fixtures, add-ons, and details complement that. Along with swapping out your front door, you can also get steel door knockers, handles and doorknobs, and various accessories that model colonial styles. Paired with the right lighting and decor, you have the dreamiest, old-timey home ready and set. 

Get only the best steel doors Kentucky for your home through Pinky’s Iron Doors. They have a wide range of metal and glass doors, including the best steel doors in Kentucky, that will give your colonial home the facelift it needs. Check out their website here, browse through their wide range of exterior and interior steel doors in Kentucky, or schedule a consultation for custom doors for your home. You can do so by reaching out to them today and requesting the details that you want. 

About the Author 

The writer is a home decor expert specializing in fusing historical styles with modern upgrades. Their work is meant to create a cohesive space that incorporates the best features of their clients’ homes with a few timeless upgrades and additions.