Attic Insulation Benefits: More Reasons You Should Get Yours Done

Your attic can serve many purposes for your house. A lot of people choose to store a lot of their personal belongings but the attic has so much more function than that. It is also designed to be your house’s protective barrier. It will protect you from cold, heat and too much humidity. But to ensure that your attic performs well in their functions, attic insulation can help you. There are more attic insulation benefits that you should know.

Benefits of Adding Insulation To Your Attic

According to the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association, there are about 90 percent of single family homes in the US that do not have good attic insulation. Without proper insulation, you are compromising on your home’s safety, comfort, and efficiency. Here are benefits that you will not have without adding insulation to your attic.

Lower Utility Bills

About 50 to 70 percent of your home’s energy bills come from cooling and heating services you use. Without insulation or with poor insulation, you would be spending more to make sure that your house maintains the right temperatures. Adding insulation and home sealing to your crawl spaces, floors, and attics will help you save on heating and cooling expenses for about 15 percent. The exact savings you will get from insulation will still depend on a lot of factors. It can depend on your lifestyle, home design, and the HVAC systems that you have. You can expect as much as 800 dollars every year.

Better and Safer Home Structure

Most house damages are brought about excess moisture and heat. These can be avoided if you insulate your attic. Insulation works its magic by preventing water vapor from getting in and seeping into walls. Heat builds up and that tends to cause swelling and cracking in shingles of roofs. Insulation can slow down this heat build up. It can also prevent formation of ice dams when snow that melted will refreeze in the roof edges. Molds that grow in moist, and cool environments can be stopped by insulation.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

You would not want to have pollutants like dirt, mold, dust, or mildew to get into your house. These pollutants can get inside your house if you don’t have insulation. It gets through air leaks and can accumulate over time. This would ultimately lead to poor indoor air quality. Having the right insulation would stop such pollutants from getting inside your house. You would be able to enjoy a cleaner, more improved indoor environment. Make it a habit to change old insulation so you would not have to sacrifice on air quality.

Better Home Comfort Through Insulation

Heat natural behavior is to flow from warmer to cooler areas. Believe it or not, even with the most modern HVAC systems, your house can still experience fluctuations in temperature without good insulation. Whenever there are changes in temperature outside, your house can also become cold or hot. This can also mean that rooms that are in higher floors will change temperature faster than rooms in lower floors. You can see that there are problems in temperature difference in your house if there are about 10 to 15 degrees difference between rooms. Since most bedrooms are found in upper floors of houses, adding attic insulation can help you have better comfort day and night.

Longer HVAC Systems Life

Older houses can really feel drafty compared to newer houses. This will be worse when there is poor to no insulation in the house. This also means that your HVAC systems would have to work double time than it usually should. When you have effective insulation, this helps to prevent cold air from staying at ground levels as heat rises, which helps not to force your HVAC systems too much. Imagine the great benefit for you any time of the year. Your house will not rely that much on your HVAC systems just to maintain year round temperature. There will be less heat gain during the summers and less heat loss during winter.

Clean and effective insulation can help you achieve these benefits for your house. You can contact insulation contractors to help you choose the right insulation materials and set up for your house.