What Happens When You Inhale NOS From Whipped Cream Dispensers?

Nitrous oxide is popularly used in whipped cream dispensers for making fluffy whip creams and in medical services based industries to relieve and relax people; it is also used as an important element in anesthesia. 

Nitrous oxide is also often used illegally to get high; it is used by many people to feel light. 

There are many adverse effects of inhaling nitrous oxide incorrectly. One should never inhale a larger amount of the gas together as it can result in death because nitrous oxide gas prevents oxygen from reaching the brain and blood cell count in suffocation. If you are inhaling the gas make sure that you are using a third-party object like balloons or containers, and also in a very small quantity. The gas has a slightly sweet smell.

Some Adverse Effects of Inhaling Nitrous Oxide Gas: 

There is a risk factor always available when you are consuming any kind of drug, and there are also some effects that you can feel after inhaling the gas.  It is very dangerous to inhale nitrous oxide gas directly from the whipped cream charger, the charger is filled with liquefied nitrous oxide gas under great pressure any wrong step can cause your life. Inhaling nitrous oxide gas in a closed and enclosed space can also be very dangerous. 

The gas affects people differently according to their weight, age, physical strength, and also how many times he or she has inhaled the gas earlier, it reduces the risk but never eliminates the risk. 

If you are inhaling too much or too much nitrous oxide gas very frequently then it can suffocate you, you can fall unconscious and can be suffocating due to lack of oxygen in the body. 

Always try to inhale the gas in your backyard, terrace corner, or open airy room, try not to stay on the road, because of dizziness and an unconscious mind you can fall on the streets. 

Some common side effects of inhaling nitrous oxide gas are –

● Dizziness

● Slugginess

● Fatigue

● Headache

● Excessive Shivering

● Sweating

● Vomiting

● Hallucinations

● Minor Problem in breathing

The above mentioned are some common and short term side effects of inhaling nitrous oxide gas. Some side effects can harm you: 

● Fever

● Brain freeze

● The heavy problem in breathing

● It can also affect someone’s mental health

● Heart attack 

● Stokes

● Choking

● Blue spots in lips, tongue, and foot.

● And even death

Though under several safety measures it can happen if someone might have taken an overdose of nitrous oxide gas. Nitrous oxide gas is also used in cream chargers to make whipped cream. If you are interested in baking and decorating your beautiful foods, then you can buy one from any online site. Cream Charger World sells some of the cheapest nitrous oxide cream chargers and whipped cream dispensers available in Australia. Besides the harmful side effects that nitrous oxide gas has, it also has some benefits, explore the different ways to use a nitrous oxide cream charger.