Various food and red wine combination

The summer demands a margarita and cold beer with steaks and burgers, but wine taken out of wine coolers will beautifully pair with any dish you put on the table. Eating and grilling BBQ is something that pleases many people but they get a bit confused when it comes to choosing a drink, beer is refreshing and cool but picking wine is good because you will have a lot of variations that can just complement the flavours and taste of ribs or steaks or anything that is being grilled. To add more taste to your meal, learn a recipe for red wine sauce and try it with BBQ to improve your experience. 

Variations in wine and BBQ

Wines and barbecued foods have diverse variations which make their pairing excellent. Even the preparation of BBQ involves variations from grilling to making it ready on slow smoke. Then, you think about which sauce to use, either tangy, spicy or sweet. However, the selection of wine is easy because you can pick any wine that you are already fond of or even some new ones as the purpose is to relish and enjoy the food with a good wine bottle.

Some famous pairings

There is no restriction to drinking any specific wine kind with any specific food, consume the type of drink you like to have. However, some food pairings are famous. So, let’s see if you wanna try any one of them.

  • Merlot with marinated food

Marinades are usually consumed with tomato sauce and Merlot, but some people also drink mature Pinot noir.

  • Red wine and spicy rub

If you are thinking about which drink will match the taste of heavy eating or spicy rub, red wine is the option where you should stop. Just grab Bollicini Lambrusco and relish refreshing, pleasantly semi-sweet, fruity and sparkling, delightful red wine.

  • Ripe Malbecs and meat

If you are eating red grilled meat with any kind of thick sauce then pairing it with ripe Malbecs is quite fun and will just surprise you. It is also one of the types of red wine which uses a smoky finish and murky fruit flavours.

The awkward pairing of food and wine

Some pairings of wine and food are entirely nonsensical and it’s better if you don’t try them. Like pairing red wine with chocolate is silly because it goes well with savoury food, not with sweet food. Candies and chocolate desserts are something that you should enjoy alone without any drink. Besides that, once you drink red wine with delicious savoury food then there is no need to drink more red with dessert also. Therefore, if you want to drink some wine with chocolates then choose to drink dessert wines instead of pairing it with the wrong wine.


There is no restriction to pair any kind of wine with any kind of food but some wine and pairings are popular and regarded as good while some are regarded as nonsensical or completely silly. But you just go your way and pick whatever suits your taste.