Sage green kitchen cabinets in a green color palette apartment

Sage green kitchen cabinets in a green color palette apartment

Sage green kitchen cabinets combined with warm elements and black accent pieces

The sage green kitchen cabinets are most definitely the element that stands out the most in this lovely Swedish apartment. We don’t know for sure, but I feel like the design all started with the kitchen, and the sage green cabinets set the stage for the color palette of the rest of the apartment.

Sage green cabinets combined with black and natural tones

A beautiful combination of materials with a sage green base

Sage green is a great color for kitchen cabinets as it is more sophisticated than neutral shades, yet also a bit less bold than a more vibrant green. Sage green kitchen cabinets can be combined with warmer tones like in this example where a wooden countertop, beige walls, and a brass faucet warm up the sage green. It can also be combined with a more minimal white color palette like in this apartment for example, for a more fresh look.

The layout of this kitchen

This kitchen remodel was done with the flow of the apartment in mind, you can clearly see that. Right next to the kitchen, the entrance door to the apartment is located. By fitting a small wall, the kitchen area and the hallway space are separated from each other. The wall doesn’t go the entire length of the kitchen however and where the wall stops, the lower kitchen cabinets continue for a modern solution that allows you to have a feeling of more space.

On the wall opposing the hallway, a few upper cabinets are installed, but the sink area has been kept minimal. The empty space above the sink has been used to hang up those lovely black wall lights that add contrast to the sage green palette.

A subtle and soft green color palette in the living room

The living room is an extension of the kitchen in terms of layout, and this space follows the design language and color palette perfectly. In the living room, a more subtle and lighter hue of sage green has been selected, which gives this space a lighter look with a touch of nature in the wooden furniture pieces and the hemp rug on the floor underneath the white sofa.

The beauty of the interior design of the kitchen and living room lies in the matching of the sage green color codes, which are different, yet complement each other perfectly. The round dining table is placed between the kitchen and the sofa area. It has a simple design, which is enhanced by a peg rail on the wall and a poster of a beautiful painting.

A darker and moody green color palette in the bedroom

The bedroom has been painted in a more moody sage green, which has a characterful effect on this room. Tints of blue and green are great choices for a bedroom as the cooler undertones have a fresh effect on a bedroom. Green however is a color choice closer to nature and has a cheerful and reviving effect.

The darker hue of sage green in this bedroom accentuates the beautiful white doors and the crispy white linen sheets on the bed. The fresh green branches on the bedside table add an even fresher touch of green to the palette, which is a welcome change in the otherwise muted sage green palette.

Note how the deeper sage green color of the bedroom complements the lighter sage of the living room and is finally tied together with the beautiful shade of sage green cabinets in the kitchen. This palette ties the design of the apartment perfectly and gives it a cohesive look.

Sage green kitchen colors to give a try

Below are a few suggestions of sage green colors to give a try, yet you should know paint codes can always appear differently depending on the daylight and materials in the room. You should always test sample codes on location.

Farrow & Ball Lichen* is a mid-tone sage green color that is calm and muted similar to the one on the sage green cabinets in the kitchen. It has underlying blue tones, which gives it a subtle look and feel, and works wonderfully combined with natural tones.

Farrow & Ball Vert de Terre* is a delicate green that is both fresh and soft. The blue undertone results in a soft atmosphere and is muted just like the sage green in the living room.

More sage green kitchen inspiration

In need of more sage green kitchen inspiration? Have a look at this beautiful example of a classic sage green kitchen with paneled kitchen cabinets, this example of a more minimal sage green kitchen design that has been finished off whit white tiles and black grout, or lastly this example of fresh sage green cabinets turning a living space into an interesting design all because of the color choice of the green kitchen cabinets.

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