Pretty DIY Christmas Decorating Ideas In A Swedish Country Home

Pretty DIY Christmas Decorating Ideas In A Swedish Country Home

The chilly weather continues across Scandinavia today, and our world its blanketed in snow. It’s put us all in the mood for decorating our homes in a cosy way for Christmas! In the far North, Ida Dahlgren has been busy decorating her charming country home, which she shares with her partner, their three children Vilhelm, Nils and Lovisa as well as hens, ducks, cats and passing wildlife! It’s full of lovely, simple, DIY ideas, all of which add a cosy, festive vibe. Ready to feel inspired? 

Home is where the heart is – or in this case, hearts plural. A pretty pepparkaka (ginger biscuit) garland hangs in the window, filling the kitchen with the scent of cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and ginger. 

Look closely and in the corner you can catch a glimpse of an old wooden dough bowl* which has been filled with moss and four candles – for a makeshift advent candle display. 
A pretty adventsljusstake (advent candelabra) lights up the window. Source a similar one here

A simple pine garland hangs under a shelf in the kitchen. 

In Sweden some parents love to put a smile on their children’s faces pretending that ‘nisse’ (an elf) has moved in via an elf door. At the start of December a little elf arrives through a door, and throughout December he leaves small traces of his presence including mischievous happenings around the house (such as a loo seat wrapped in Christmas paper). In ida’s home, the elf has made a wonderful cake! I hope an elf like this will move into our house come December! 

Do you have a similar tradition in your country?

There’s nothing like the scent of hyacinths at Christmas. Swedes love to wrap the bulb in moss and place them in glasses around the house. 

I love this take on the classic gingerbread house: gingerbread candle holders. 

Ida has decorated her tiled masonry oven with a wreath and garlands. A chest is used for logs. 

The  family’s four legged friend looks decidedly cosy beside the tree! 

Spare surfaces are used to bring a little festive cheer all around the house. Here a vase with a mini Christmas tree and a candle brighten up the landing. 

Oh, how I’d love a roaring fire in the bedroom – how about you? A pretty ‘snöblomma’ hangs in the window (paper stars* are also popular).

Extra blankets add a really cosy touch to the bedroom in winter time. 

When I was little, my sister and I loved to hang paper chains in our bedroom. We never thought of adding a mini tree like this one though. Lovely idea! 

A garland of pine has been draped over the entrance and two mini wreaths hang on the door. A snow covered tree grows beside the porch. 

Ida loves to make islykta (ice lanterns) from balloons. See a tutorial here

Painting your window is a great way to add a Christmassy touch – and children love it! This pretty design in Ida’s window mirrors the surrounding forest. 

So beautiful and full of great ideas which are simple to replicate! 

Is there anything in particular that stood out to you? 

See more of Ida’s home and get plenty of DIY and up cycling ideas over at @sodra.byvag.
How wonderful is the herd of reindeer? I saw reindeer in the wild while I was skiing in Åre last January. I’ve since written a guide about my experience in the Winter issue of Simply Scandi magazine

Would you like to see more cosy festive homes today? 



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