Photoelectric Switches In Outdoor Home Lighting

Photoelectric Switches In Outdoor Home Lighting

Surely it must be admitted that people lead busy lives today. Between work and family and upkeep on a home, there is a lot to be done in 24 hours. Some small things fall through the cracks. If you’ve ever woken up in the morning and found that you left the outdoor lighting on, then the use of photoelectric switches may be right for you.

The photoelectric switch can also be called a photocell or photoeye. They are small little “eyes” about the size of a nickel. The technology allows your outdoor lighting to turn itself on when the sun disappears and turn them back off when it rises in the morning.

Not only does this leave you one less thing to remember every day, it will save you on the electric bill. But most importantly because they are so small, they can be added to your fixtures without being obvious.

Photoelectric switches are becoming increasingly popular simply for their convenience. In fact, they are so popular that many lighting fixtures are now coming with the switches pre-installed. You would be hard pressed to walk into a Home Depot and not find them. Installing these switches yourself is easy and fast, and can help with safety, time saving and save you economically.

Picture this, you left your house in a rush and forgot to turn on the outside lights. You return later than expected only to find the house completely dark. Not only do you run the risk of falling because you can’t see, but as safe as your neighborhood is there’s always a chance for something to go wrong.

Another great safety feature is if you go away on vacation. Instead of relying on an automatic timer, which could malfunction, you’re relying on the sun to turn on your lights. Since the sun in unlikely to fail or disappear you can rest assured that your lights will be on as if you were home. You really can’t argue with a device that saves you money, saved you time and makes your home safer.

Pair photoelectric switches with the latest in solar lighting technology and you have a recipe for easier outdoor upkeep, increased security, lower lighting bills and a safer outdoor area anytime of night. LED technology, in particular, will help keep costs low, energy use low and the area all around more safe. LED is also the choice if you want to be eco-friendly.

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