New Furniture Trends Set to Make a Splash in the Home

New Furniture Trends Set to Make a Splash in the Home

A grey sofa from Snug Sofa in a monochrome room with wooden and rattan furniture accents and a large cream rug

The Cloud Sundae Medium Corner Sofa in Warm Grey from Snug Sofa

Furniture is an essential part of your home and can make a significant impact on the look and feel of it. With so many new trends in furniture, it’s hard to know which ones will suit you best. So, in today’s post, I will share some tips for choosing the right piece for your home.

Warm-toned Woods

A boyucle office chair from Cult Furniture at a black wooden desk with a fluted wooden wall behind

The Emily office chair in a boucle upholstery from Cult Furniture (affiliate)

Warm-toned woods are an excellent choice for the home, and are gaining in popularity. Woods that have a warmer tone include maple, cherry, oak, pine, mahogany, and walnut. These woods tend to be warmer and more inviting than some of the cooler wood tones such as Ash, Maple, Poplar, or Pine.

Choosing wooden flooring or wooden furniture in warmer tones is a great way to warm up a space and make it feel more welcoming. Alternatively, consider adding built-in cabinets if you need more permanent storage space but don’t want to compromise on style. Built-in shelving works well too if you want somewhere more open to display your personal belongings rather than hide everything away.

Arched Mirrors

Left: Riley Arched-top Full Length Standing Mirror from Neutypechic | Right: Noah Silver Arch Wood Framed Full Length Decorative Floor Mirror from Neutypechic

Mirrors are an absolute must-have in the home. Not only are they useful for inspecting your appearance before leaving the house, they are also a great way to maximise the amount of natural light in your home. Mirrors can help to bounce any natural light that comes in through windows and doors around the home brightening up darker corners and nooks.

Arches have been popular in interiors for a while now and this trend has now made its way through to mirrors. A floor-standing arch mirror is a great way to make a statement in the room and can also make a room feel larger as it reflects the rest of the room adding a sense of extra depth and dimension.

A small wooden arch mirror can also be used above sideboards or furniture for a trompe l’oeil effect to give the impression of extra windows.

Left: Joyce Arched Wall Mirror from Neutypechic | Right: Mignon Iron Framed Classic Black Arch Farmhouse Wall Mirror from Neutypechic

Organic Shapes

Left: Organic Armchair by Tim Neve | Right: Wave Coffee Table by Tim Neve

With the current obsession with all things biophilic design, whether you have realised it or not, nature is having a significant influence on our interiors and the trends that we are seeing come through. There are no straight lines in nature and, as a consequence, we are seeing a lot of furniture in more organic shapes and forms. We are even seeing more irregular mirrors in organic shapes.

Left: Melinda Organic Shaped Wall Mirrors from Neutypechic | Right: Frances Irregular Living Pond Mirror from Neutypechic

Pet Furniture Trends

Right: Round Rattan Dog Kennel from Cox & Cox | Left: Chateau du Chat in Rose Petal Pink from The French Bedroom Company (affiliate)

I’m not a big animal lover as I have pet allergies so I’ve pretty much spent my whole life avoiding any animals with fur. But I have always had a strange obsession with designer pet accessories and pet beds for the home.

It always fascinated me that furniture for our furry friends was so unattractive. But thankfully, in recent years this has changed and now we can find a whole host of attractive, design-led pet furniture on the market that will blend more seamlessly into your home.

Rustic-Bohemian Style

A boho-style interior in earthy colours with a cow hide rug, a rattan pouffe and lots of plants

Bohemian style is a relaxed, carefree look characterised by neutral colours and textured pieces. It’s growing in popularity at the moment, again thanks to biophilic design. The pandemic has also made us appreciate this style more due to the personal touches that it often brings in.

Boho-style is inspired by artists and is all about self-expression and creating a space that is entirely for your own enjoyment and that reflects the story of your life and your personal values.

To do this you can incorporate mementoes and souvenirs from your own travels, flea market finds, and original or handmade artwork. So bring in that gold-plated mirror that you spotted on your travels or that Berber rug that reminds you of your favourite holiday.

Sculptural Furniture Trends

A living room with high ceilings, huge windows and sculptural furniture in green and cream from Soho Home

The Soho Home Homeware Collection from Soho House

When people think about furniture, they often think of only one thing: the purpose. A chair is for sitting in. A table is for putting things on and eating food. But at the higher end of the spectrum, you’ll find that some designers are looking beyond this simple function-driven approach to their work and exploring ways in which they can make their pieces more attractive and more expressive. 

A great example is sculptural furniture that we are seeing at the moment. These pieces aren’t just functional, they are often works of art in their own right.

Design your home with the latest furniture trends, styles, and functions.

In your home, you want to ensure that the furniture you choose reflects your personality and suits your family’s needs. You also want to be sure it’s functional and easy to clean, made from sustainable materials, and lasts a long time.

We’ve looked at some of the latest furniture trends, from warm-toned woods to artful pieces. As you can see, there are many ways to bring your style into your home. Whether you want something sleek and modern or rustic and organic, there are plenty of options for people like us who want to make a statement with their decorating choices!

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