Minimalist Styling

Minimalist Styling

What is Styling

First, styling involves pulling together the finishing touches to a home. While not limited to, we refer to the styling phase of our projects as the soft goods or furnishings that we’ve selected for our clients.

Thus, styling is introducing things like decorative accents, vases, greenery, candles, pillows, blankets + whatever else might complete the look + feel that brings the room to life in a personable way.

How Is Minimalist Styling Different

Around these parts, we refer to styling as the jewelry to your outfit cuz’ a room, much like an outfit, is incomplete without it! 

Remember, our fundamental belief is that home is everything you need + nothing more™ so minimalist styling isn’t simply adding “things” or “stuff” to the space without any conscientious thought.

What we’re actually after when it comes to styling your home + how we define minimalist styling here at Elegant Simplicity is functional necessity.

And there’s two ways to look at functional necessities:

Anything else is clutter. 

Now, your “needs” vs. someone elses can vary widely which in turn can make what one perceives as minimalist a bit subjective. 

However, in general, minimalist styling adds personality to a space without over indulgence.

Benefits Of Minimalist Styling

Clarity In Values

On the blog, we’ve talked a lot about how clutter affects our home, our life, and our mind but minimalism provides clarity in what we want in our lives + in our home

Minimalist styling helps establish clear values in what we find important. That clarity in our values helps give us peace of mind. Peace of mind that we not only have what we want but that  we don’t need anything else.


Less Clutter

With clarity in what we value, minimalist styling ultimately means less stuff. And less stuff, in turn, means more space. Now, the goal of home isn’t to have more space necessarily — it’s to have everything you need + nothing more.™

However, when a room or home has a lot going on from a styling perspective + there are things seemingly everywhere, our minds are excessively stimulated. There’s no breathing room for our mind to calm. 

But, when we have less stuff and more breathing space, we’ve effectively made room for the things we truly want. 

Meaningful Belongings

One aspect that often gets overlooked when discussing minimalist styling is that the things that are prevalent — “what you need” all actually have meaning to you. 

And what we mean by that is as an interior designer, when your belongings have meaning — they tell a story. 

Your story.

Your family’s story.

Or maybe someone’s story that you want to remind people about and share with your guests. 

Home should be designed around an emotion. The things you showcase should help convey what’s meaningful to you.

Styling with a minimalist approach is simply one way of ensuring people see + feel what’s important to you.


Cleaning Isn’t Difficult + Upkeep Is Easy

Minimalist styling makes cleaning a heck of a lot easier. Now, that’s likely not you having to dust the shelves or wipe the table tops but upkeep is also easier. And upkeep is things like fluffing the pillows or folding the blankets. 

Minimalist styling means things can be touched up quickly making the home you live in more enjoyable — everyday.

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