Home Improvement Trends in 2020

Home Improvement Trends in 2020

Make your house a trendy home

Have you felt a swing of changes with this new decade that just got started? Global pandemics and crises all over, the economy seems to be tumbling yet they are afraid to tell us and worse still, fears of contamination of this dreaded virus that has turned busy China streets into ghost towns! Honestly, with all this messed-up fracas happening all around us, there’s only one place you can expect to find some calm and peace – home sweet home!

The modern homeowner is characterized by keenness and thoughtfulness before making any home changes. If you take a look round your home, you can improve on everything you set your eyes on. Thus, the homeowner is forced to move away from luxury to convenience and sustainability. Interestingly enough, industry leaders in the Home Improvement Research Institute (HIRI) Summit were quick to notice this home trend in the slowing down of luxury projects.

So, whether you’re a homeowner looking to do some remodeling or an entrepreneur hoping to direct your ventures in the current trends, sit back, grab a pen and paper and take notes of the following home trends to watch out for.

DIY is Only Set to Skyrocket

As information is being more readily available in this digital age, millennials and Generation Z would rather do things on their own. YouTube and Pinterest took a major step in making DIY videos readily available thus challenging businesses and manufacturers. Now, an individual looking for the best outdoor motion sensor light would rather know how to fix it themselves rather than pay someone to do it. Furthermore, the DIYs are FUN!

The Dawn of the Age of the Online Buyer

Retailers who’ve grabbed online opportunities and expanded their businesses to reach the online consumer are making more sales than the ones who have stuck to old-school. More consumers are researching online for the best home decor trends 2020 before making that leap of faith. If your website can offer not only this kind of in-depth research but also DIY videos including quality products, you are in business!

Paint It Till You Make It

One easy way to renovate your house with minimum hassle and still bring in more life is by adding color. One such trend is seen in kitchens as millennials move from traditional-style cabinets to three-tone kitchens where 3 color tones are used to add life to the kitchen cabinets or the kitchen in general. Painting as a home improvement industry trends does not have to be overdone. The best designers know that simplicity in painting is all about creating contrast with the least number of colors.

Smart Home Trends

Smart technology in home trends can not only provide you healthier air quality but also a suitable lighting ambience and other benefits.

The move from the analog man to the digital smart man was quite subtle in the 20th-Century but very rampant and evident in the 21st. From smartwatches to smart TVs, smart refrigerators and ovens, smart homes, to even stunning artificial intelligence in the form of robots. These have made everything easy for the modern man. While most are oblivious of the associated risks of such devices, some go for them as seen by home trends to improve on their security!

Art is Never Finished but Only Abandoned

Man was made to appreciate beauty – as such, art has been highly valued since ancient times. Art is not only used to tell stories but also brings to life untold stories. This is one of the latest home decorating trends which are on the rise. Whatever the art you want to beautify your house with – be it a wallpaper or a painting, make sure it is secured enough to make it stand the test of time. Have you ever thought of glass-framed wallpapers in your bathroom?

The Extravagant Beauty of Simplicity

Gone are the days when kings and royal courtiers would try to outdo each other in the magnificence of their homes and buildings. These are the days when a whole prime minister would cycle their way to the office.

Try to create as much space as possible – it’s a liberating feeling!

It is true, man will remain to be man and there’ll ever be those who are led to only shop for luxuries. That notwithstanding, more people embracing new trends in home décor are getting to realize how cheaply and effectively they can do it and still realize their desired goals. Even the ones going for smart home trends have energy-saving at the back of their heads which also saves them of other extra costs. Don’t underestimate the power of simplicity.

Outside Home Trends Rocking in the Modern Day

Well, we’ve fixated so much on indoor home decor trends you should consider. Man is made in such a way to judge any book by its cover. Moreover, you also want to feel at home before you step inside your house. Patio home trends furniture have been on the rise especially those made with stone, cement or marble. Ensure your furniture can withstand outside weather conditions.

Walkways and home trends patio furniture can be as traditional or as classy as your authentic taste is!

Gardening and landscaping will also set you apart and give anyone a general impression of the kind of decent person you are. Being surrounded by trees, well-kept grass, flowers, and bushes has a touch of classy royalty associated with it. After all, this is natural art at its best – who can ignore such magnificence?


Home trends will ever be changing depending on the times and seasons. Nonetheless, there are still those that withstand the test of time and remain to be trendy in all generations. Some might creep in as emergencies for instance when repairs are imminent. Either way, make sure your goal is laid out and the result is in mind before picking on any of these home trends.

Did you know that wood pallets on walls and windows were the trendiest vibe back in the ‘70s? What other home trends do you usually see in your granny’s houses which you consider archaic?

Author’s Bio: Kevin Nelson

Being an old-timer who realizes the constancy of change, Kevin has been a constant presence in the industry as a realtor and home designer. Moreover, his previous works with the best metal carports suppliers and manufacturers have given him in-depth knowledge of DIY home hacks that everyone should know about.

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