Guide to a commercial building construction project

Guide to a commercial building construction project

When you’re taking on the construction of a brand-new commercial building, there are lots of factors to consider to ensure the success of the project. The amount of tasks to complete can certainly be overwhelming, so it’s important to plan accordingly.

We’ll be discussing how you can complete a commercial building construction project successfully.


The planning phase is a crucial and important step when building a new commercial building. Deciding on where the building will be located is one of the first things to consider, as it should be easily accessible to clients and employees and within close proximity of other buildings.

This stage also involves investors, contractors and other stakeholders to make key decisions. Hiring the appropriate architects and land developers will help to plan the design of the building. Working with a reputable contracting company will ensure that the process runs smoothly and any issues will be dealt with accordingly.


Ensuring that the project is profitable is another key thing to consider before beginning the construction. Writing up a budget can help you work out exactly how much items are going to cost, which means you can easily look at ways to reduce your costs where possible.

Finding bulk suppliers of common construction materials like plywood will help to keep your costs down. Searching for cost-effective ways of constructing your building doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be compromising on quality.


The design phase consists of planning out the exact layout of the building and how this can work best for its intended use. Each room will have a determined size and function, which will be aligned with the various fixtures and utilities around the building.

The designs must meet a set of building codes and regulations and should overall prove the project’s feasibility.


This is where you’ll be bringing your project to life. Throughout the construction process, you’ll need to ensure that all prior preparation and planning is precisely followed. There should be a series of important meetings whereby site access, material storage and quality control are all discussed.

Be sure to stick closely to the entire schedule so you have the best chance of completing the project within the allotted time frame.

Finishing touches

Upon completion, it’s vital to perform a thorough check of your new building to ensure it is fit for purpose. The post-construction stage involves everything between the time the construction of the building has finished, to the moment the building is occupied.

Everyone from the owner of the project, the designer and the contractor must be completely satisfied with the construction work.Ensure that everything is health and safety compliant and that you have obtained a certificate of completion.

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