Euro Appliances: Kitchen Cookers: AGA Ovens and Stoves

Euro Appliances: Kitchen Cookers: AGA Ovens and Stoves

If there is one brand that stands out for its uniqueness, then it is AGA. This is also true when it comes to kitchen cookers. AGA ovens and stoves produce crispy fries, roast to perfection and deliver light cakes as no other appliance can.


Classic design that fits from country-style homes to modern kitchen environments

Even on days that your schedule is just too hectic to prepare elaborate meals, you can rely on AGA’s ovens and stoves to help you prepare meals in the shortest possible time. Charming in design, the ovens remind of the reliable coal stoves of old, but this is also where the resemblance ends. Smooth lines and inviting colours make the brand’s cookers a must-have for any country-styled kitchen.

Models to fit your lifestyle needs

Whether you have a small or large family, you’ll be impressed with the model range. From three- to five-oven cookers make it possible to cater to your cooking needs. AGA even provides you with a choice of integrated or free-standing models, enabling you to have a kitchen cooker that will fit your kitchen perfectly. The AGA ovens and stoves offer you the conventional oven functionality together with a hob and grill, neatly packaged in a cast iron housing.

Forget compact: Go with the bigger-is-better types of AGA ovens and stoves

If you’re passionate about gastronomy, then you’ll want a kitchen cooker that has it all, and AGA doesn’t disappoint. The huge roasting oven has enough space for a 13 kg bird, making the festive season lunch preparation a sheer pleasure. What’s even more impressive is the fact that these kitchen cookers prepare the food without the merging of flavours. You can easily prepare several dishes at once, making these cookers the go-to appliances for special occasions when you have to prepare food for many guests.

Sustainability starts at home with cookers made from recycled materials

Talk about a conversation piece – the AGA kitchen cookers are made from recycled materials. The brand has been a forerunner in sustainability, long before it has become fashionable. From its first model, manufactured nine decades ago in 1922 to the present day, the brand’s many products are made from some type of recycled material. Indeed, materials come from door fittings, old machines, vehicle components, gutters, and even lamp posts.

World-class craftsmanship in every product

If you long for a sense of uniqueness in your kitchen, then having a cooker made from molten iron poured into specially-made moulds, which are hand-dressed before heat treating, with the material being shot-blast before cleaned, certainly impresses. Even the gleaming glassy enamel coating is unique and adds to the lustre of the cooker, with the enamel coating being done by hand, giving each cooker a character of its own.

Cooking that’s different

AGA ovens and stoves use the gentle heat from the cast iron to provide a more flavourful end result in cooking. Steady heat radiation makes it possible to have dedicated cook zones where the temperatures are pre-set. This makes using the cookers a stress-free experience. Instead of the fierce heat from the conventional modern ovens and stoves, you get gentle heat radiation for a more natural cooking experience, allowing for optimal flavour and nutrition preservation.

Quick cooking when you need it

The boiling plate is designed for quick heating, ensuring you can keep the water to a rolling boil and use the plate for preparing wok-style stir-fried dishes. You can use as many as three medium to large saucepans on the hotplates with the cooking rate adjustment being as simple as offsetting a pan to the side once it has reached the desired temperature.

Cooler hotplate for gentle simmering

You will love the gentle heating from the cooler hotplate that enables you to prepare scrambled eggs, soups or sauces, and heat milk without burning it.

Warming plate for the hob

Convenience can be spelt “AGA” with these cookers, including conveniences like a warming plate. It is the perfect solution for gently melting chocolate or heating dinner plates.


You can customise your hob by choosing an induction hotplate instead of a warming plate.

To conclude: AGA ovens and stoves return quality to the kitchen

If you want a truly unique kitchen cooker that offers you old-style cooking with modern features, you cannot ask for better than AGA ovens and stoves. View more information under “brands” and reach out for help in choosing the model that will fit your cooking needs.

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