1.7 Miracles of Walking: Olga menurunkan berat badan?

Ketika saya merasakan perbaikan pada tubuh saya karena kebiasaan rutin saya ber JJP (baca one.six Miracles of Strolling: Posture…), saya sudah semangat sekali untuk menuliskan semua pengalaman yang telah saya tuliskan di beberapa postingan sebelum ini. Wahhh semangat banget deh waktu itu…

Akan tetapi masih ada 2 hal yang ingin saya ketahui, yaitu Berat Badan dan kadar triglyceride, cholesterol dan kadar gula darah saya.

Selama hampir setahun lamanya saya sengaja tidak melakukannya. Padahal biasanya saya rutin melakukan pengecekan darah di Laboratorium RS Swasta terdekat. Saya ingin tahu apakah benar kalau kita berolahraga setiap hari, berat badan akan turun drastic dan

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1.8 Miracles of Walking: Olga menurunkan kadar gula darah, cholesterol dll?

Apakah olahraga menurunkan berat badan? TIDAK!

Lho beneran tah? Iya… 😝

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https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2010/sep/19/work out-dieting-public-health and fitness

Berikut saya copas satu paragraph dari url di atas:

Nicely, science has some bad information for you. Far more and extra analysis in the two the British isles and the US is emerging to present that work out has a negligible effect on excess weight decline. That tri-weekly determination to aerobics class? Almost worthless, as far as fitting into your bikini is concerned.

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30 Best Living Room Paint Color Ideas

living room paint color ideas

Certain paint colors can influence your temper, make a area look brighter and larger, or even give your inside an entirely new seem. That claimed, it is really not constantly quick landing on the correct paint shade for your house, especially when it comes to the residing area. You want to pick a hue that suits your residing room’s decor and attracts interest absent from any flaws that may well exist (there is by no means enough sq. footage or sunlight, correct?). See this selection of 30 residing rooms, showcasing elegant paint colors for just about any aesthetic.

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25 Best Bathroom Paint Colors

bathroom paint colors

asbeGetty Pictures

If a rest room renovation isn’t on your calendar, the subsequent finest factor is grabbing a paintbrush. No matter whether you live for daring, dramatic hues or subdued neutrals, you will find a chic rest room paint colour to give your area an solely new appear. Search these 20+ standout rest room layouts to locate the correct shade for you.

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Powder Blue

Embrace a nautical vibe with powder blue partitions that can include a feeling of serene to any rest room.

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20 Best Ground Cover Plants and Flowers

bright pink sweet alyssum blooming

liveslowGetty Images

Ground deal with crops are all-all-around difficulty-solvers: They retain dampness, regulate erosion, and offer habitat for pollinators like bees and butterflies. Although grass is ordinarily the ideal way to fill out vacant house, from time to time low-developing crops are a far better — and prettier — option. There are so numerous selections to choose from, including outdated favorites like Pachysandra and Vinca, as very well as small shrubs, perennials, and annuals.

To make certain your floor handles get the career done (ya know, dressing up your landscape), stick to the guidance on their plant treatment tag

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