Cannabis Fogging Systems by Koolfog, Inc

Cannabis Fogging Systems by Koolfog, Inc

Koolfog’s Cannabis Fogging System at Category 5 Farms in Sacramento, California significantly mitigates the effects of VPD (vapor pressure deficit) to grow healthy plants and produce higher quality yields.

Cannabis Fogging SystemsChallenged with finding an adaptable environmental solution to work with California’s cultivation climate during high temps, Category 5 Farms, Inc. reached out to Koolfog to add humidification to its cannabis facilities located in Sacramento, California. Faced with a potential for high heat stress, leaving cannabis plants too dry to continue healthy growth, Category 5 grower, Raphael Calderon found that Koolfog’s automated, high-pressure fogging solutions focus on increasing humidification in indoor cultivation facilities.

Koolfog Cannabis Fogging System optimizes humidification levels.

Humidification is as important as heating and cooling in an indoor cannabis micro-climate. Large-scale nurseries use cannabis fogging systems to improve plant growth in greenhouse environments by atomizing liquids into micron-sized aerosol particles that are evenly dispersed to promote healthy yields. According to Calderon, robust cannabis yields rely on environmental controls that balance much-needed humidity with temperature spikes that can seriously affect plant growth. Humidity control plays a crucial part in managing VPD (vapor pressure deficit). VPD is the concept that measures the variance in pressure between the humidity inside and outside of a leaf. In the early stages of the cannabis plant life cycle, maintaining humidification pressure is one of the most important things to achieve proper VPD. Ideal humidification levels allow plants to open their stomata more fully, respire more carbon dioxide, maximize flower growth, and increase yield potential.

Cannabis Fogging System Designs Scale to Different Facility Needs

Not all indoor cultivating environments are alike. There are numerous factors to take into account including the size, height and use of each grow room as well as the configuration of lighting solutions. Koolfog worked with Category 5 Farms to integrate the facility program controls as well as configure the optimum distances and angling between spray nozzle so that the fog would spread evenly throughout the grow rooms.

Cannabis fogging systems can be designed for screen houses, shade houses, greenhouses, single compartment cannabis growing spaces, or indoor operations with multiple zones. Koolfog integrates seamlessly with common cannabis facility control systems that let growers determine the best cannabis humidification levels for all stages of growth. Cannabis fogging systems deliver fog at constant pressure levels, pulse output, or output using variable pressures and staging, to provide for total control of cannabis microclimates.

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