Arbors – The Secret to Landscaping Idea And Style

Arbors are an easy way to add a romantic and refreshing focal point to your yard. They also provide shade, architectural structure, and a way to incorporate beautiful trellis vines into your landscaping. With the help of a local New Orleans Big Easy Landscaping landscaper, you can build the perfect arbor, creating an elegant outdoor style that can be enjoyed year-round.

Landscaping With Arbors

Arbors are a beautiful way to frame paths or gateways, such as those leading into gardens or water structures. Adding a bench or a small garden table just beneath the arbor creates a pretty place to relax and enjoy the shade and tranquility arbors offer.

Choosing Your Arbor

Arbors vary in both size and material. They can be made of iron, steel, twigs, or a variety of woods. Each element has its benefits. Vinyl, for example, is incredibly durable and resists mold and insects, making it easy to maintain. Iron is a robust platform for thick climbers, such as wisteria. Cedars, pines, and twigs each create a distinctive sense of style.

New Orleans Big Easy Landscaping

New Orleans Big Easy Landscaping landscaper can explain the unique aspects of care each material may require, as well as provide photos and options that help you decide which style best fits your custom landscaping design. You can visit Big Easy Landscaping screened porches website for more information about the best screened porches from Big Easy Landscaping.

From decorative stonework to alluring arbors, Fresh Start offers lasting beauty for every landscape. They stand behind their products and make any reasonable adjustments to ensure customer satisfaction.

Choosing Your Plant Material

In addition to selecting the shape and material of your arbor, you’ll want to consider which plants you would like to grow on or around your arbor. Jasmine, honeysuckle, roses, and wisteria are excellent trellis plants with pleasant scents.

Some climbers grow sparingly, while some become rich and full. Fruit-bearing climbers like grapevine can be pleasant but messy. Also, each plant blooms at different points in the season. A New Orleans Big Easy Landscaping landscaper can explain the variety of plants available, and help you decide which one’s are the perfect choice for your arbor.

You can use multiple arbors to tie together various elements of your yard, such as the entryways to each garden or path. You can also create a romantic, shady archway by strategically placing multiple arbors along a single pathway. Yet, even without walkways and yards, an arbor looks beautiful amidst a lush, green yard, adding additional textures to the scenery via climbing vines, shade, and architecture.

With the help of a New Orleans Big Easy Landscaping landscaper, you can enhance your yard with the tranquility and romance you’ve always wanted by installing an arbor. For the most experienced New Orleans Big Easy Landscaping landscaper, homeowners all over the New Orleans Big Easy Landscaping area rely on the experts at Fresh Start Landscapes.

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